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The Address New Chandigarh 1650 sq feet | Call 9501031800

the address mullanpur 3bhk flats

The Address Mullanpur 3bhk flats of 1650 sft at New Chandigarh

Address infrastructure and PCL Gateway has recently launched 1650 sq feet flats in New Chandigarh. Mivan Technology is used for the construction of the address mullanpur 3bhk flats having super area 1650 sft. The Address New Chandigarh Flats offered you easy access to world-class facilities of Chandigarh and Mohali. The project has been initiated by Chandigarh Project Joint Development by the Address Infrastructure Pvt Ltd and PCL Group.

All those who desire their own house or flat in Chandigarh, but are not competent due to high property prices, now you will have The Address New Chandigarh 2, 3 BHK apartments that has available at reasonable price. Construction of will be assisted by Dubai based AL FARA’A Infra projects Pvt Ltd.

the address mullanpur 3bhk flats
3BHK Flat in The Address New Chandigarh

Download pdf files for The Address 1650 sq feet flats

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Features of The Address Mullanpur 3bhk flats

The flat area of 3BHK is 1650 sq feet
The Address flat in Mullanpur is 0.66-KM from sector 38W Chandigarh.
Easy accessibility from Dakshin marg extension of Chandigarh
The Address flats are cradle near the foothills of the Shivalik.
Equip with latest amenities and facilities.
Near to New PCA Stadium Mullanpur
The Address Mullanpur will have Club, a hub for indoor and outdoor games

the address new chandigarh price list
the address new chandigarh construction update

Details of The Address Mullanpur Flats at Mullanpur

RERA for The Address Mullanpur: PBRERA-SAS80-PR0178
Apartment Size: 850, 1150 and 1650 square feet
Location: Sector-17, New Chandigarh
Open Area: 60%
Apartment Type: 2BHK and 3BHK
Land Mark: Adjoining New International Cricket Stadium
Town/ Village: Togan & Teera
Total Tower: 22
No of Floors: Stilt + 13, Stilt + 14 and Stilt + 23
Project Area: 9.80-Acre
Total Flats: 1196 Units

the address new chandigarh location
the address new chandigarh 3 bhk

Amenities of the Address New Chandigarh Housing Project

Wide roads with lush green area
Firefighting system
Earthquake resistant structure
Vastu friendly
Surveillance security system
Modern street light system
Surveillance security system
High-speed lift
24 x 7 power backup
Wifi and dth services
Intercom facility
Rainwater harvesting system
Gated community with electronic

The Address in Mullanpur, Mohali
The Address Mullanpur New Chandigarh 3bhk Flats

Distance Chart of The Address apartments in New Chandigarh

Panjab University – 10 minutes
International Airport – 20 minutes
PGI-10 minutes
Lake 20 minutes
Sector 43 Bus Stand – 15 minutes
Cricket Stadium Mullanpur – 2 minutes
International Airport – 20 minutes
Sector 17 -15 minutes

the address flats for sale
The Address 2Bhk and 3 Bhk Flats at New Chandigarh

About Mullanpur New Chandigarh

New Chandigarh is a new planned smart city near Mullanpur in the Mohali district (SAS Nagar) in Punjab. It is designed as an extension of already crowded city of Chandigarh. It is developed by Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA). Initial Master of New Chandigarh city is divided in sectors numbering 1 to 21.

Mullanpur or New Chandigarh is the most meticulously planned township in the vicinity of the City Beautiful. With its Medi city, Edu city, PCA cricket stadium and mega townships by GMADA and national players like Omaxe and DLF and smaller residential projects by at least half a dozen local developers, it is also a hot bed of realty growth in Mohali district. A number of independent houses are currently under construction in GMADA’s Eco City and in DLF Hyde Park and Omaxe projects where more than 2,000 families have moved in already.

the address mullanpur price list
The Address in New Chandigarh, by Address Infrastructures

Project Overview of the address mullanpur 3bhk flat

The Address flats in Mullanpur are Design by Best Architect with Nice and Spacious Floor Plan. Flats Sizes in the address Mullanpur is 2 BHK of 850 sft, 3 BHK of 1150 sq feet and spacious 3BHK of 1650 sq ft. The address Mullanpur 3bhk flats has facilities Like Clubhouse, Indoor Games, Swimming pool, High lifts, in Projects Retails Shops, Lots of Green and Park Spaces.

The Housing project of The Address Mullanpur is built using Mivan Technology which adds to the absolutely strong foundation. The structure of the address Mullanpur 3bhk flat is earthquake resistant and very easy to maintain. The Address flats in Mullanpur is situated only 0.7-KMS away from chandigarh which makes it even more appealing for people who wish to settle down in The City Beautiful but aren’t able to due to the high prices of property.

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